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How to detect the chip after encapsulation?
Speaking of IC chip, a lot of people won't feel strange about it, like we use mobile phones, televisions and computers, contain inside the chip, in fact, that is, IC chip, the translation is integ
Nondestructive testing equipment is widely used
Nondestructive testing (NDT) has been widely used in industry, especially online NDT has been recognized by enterprises, so it is one of the research projects to develop online NDT equipment using var
Nondestructive testing status and domestic development statu
Nondestructive testing industry in China has a history of several decades, with the development of social economy, nondestructive testing industry has been involved in every aspect of people's lif
Why did X-ray test equipment become the main IC test equipme
In recent years, the relevant functional departments of the state have become more and more strict in the inspection of product quality. However, there are still some unethical businessmen do some ill
X - Ray equipment is an accelerant for lithium battery indus
Since its launch, lithium battery has quickly become the leader in the battery field with its excellent performance. However, due to a series of problems in the production of batteries, the quality of
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